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  • MED-NET has professionally trained staff with many contacts with the research centers in different therapeutic areas.
  • MED-NET has its own database of the investigators and centers.
  • This database and personal contacts helps company to perform feasibility studies and assess the possibilities to conduct the trial in Poland and in CEE countries.
  • All activities concerning study preparation can be performed as a preparation for single centre local study or as a part of multicentre international study.
  • MED-NET can use its own SOP or work according to sponsor’s SOP.
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Medical Network Marek Woynarowski, Jaroslaw Kierkus Społka jawna; 04-501 Warszawa; Plowiecka 103
tel.: (+48 22) 612 45 73; fax: (+48 22) 610 78 61
Sąd Rejonowy dla Warszawy w Warszawie.
XIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego.
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