Data management
Data management

Med-Net has gained experience in Data Management during realization of academic researches and personal trainings. In order to build database structure company has invested in hardware and software as well as employed data base designer, statistician and medical advisors. The first Data Management project conducted by MED-NET started in 2003.
MED-NET Data Management offer consist of:
• Preparation of Data Analysis Plan;
• Preparation of Data Handling Manual;
• Data Entry Manual – annotated CRF
• Preparation and validation of database for paper based CRF
• Double data entry with verification of operator error for paper CRF;
• Checking of completeness of data entry process for e-CRF;
• Issuing the periodic reports on data base completeness and the delay in entering the data and query resolution at the whole study and at particular site;
• Logical data review and automatic query generation;
• Medical data review and querying of the medical problems
• SAE reconciliation;
• Coding the data with MED-Dra, WHO-drl or other dictionary;
• Interim and final analysis listings and tables;
• Verification of data tables and listings for data consistency;
• Formatting results according to Data Analysis Plan instructions;
• Performing statistical analysis – SAS software.

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