MED-NET was founded by Marek Woynarowski MD PhD and Jarosław Kierkuś MD PhD in 2000 as a two persons company. Both of founders are pediatricians with 20 years professional experience and at the moment of establishing MED-NET they had over 5 years of experience in managing the ICH-GCP clinical trials  as monitors, project managers, regulatory officers safety officers, data mangers and company leaders working for research institutions, international CROs and pharmaceutical companies. Currently both continue to work as principal investigators in pediatric clinical trials.

MED-NET team has been constantly growing within 8 years of its operation. At the beginning MED-NET had two sponsors and started with study monitoring services only. After two years in business MED-NET increased the number of sponsors, projects and the scope of activities provided to sponsors. Up till now approximately 6500 patients were involved in the 80 studies monitored by MED-NET. Each year MED-NET works simultaneously on various projects.

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